Thursday, January 7, 2010

I wont to get my transmission oil and filter change but I dont know if i should get it flush to because of the?

high miles I have on it my miles is 246,045. The transmission works good it dont slip or anything. Should I get flush or noI wont to get my transmission oil and filter change but I dont know if i should get it flush to because of the?
At that many miles I suspect that flushing the trans will not have a significant effect on it's life expectancy.

If you do decide to have it flushed, insist that they remove the pan and physically clean it and change the filter before performing the flushing operation - they will undoubtedly say that is not necessary - because dropping the pan and changing the filter takes longer and they get paid less for that part of the job, but it is the only way to remove metallic debris from the pan and filter assembly. Just as flushing the transmission is the only way to clean out and change the fluid which is trapped inside the torque converter.

Therefore to thoroughly clean the transmission both procedures must be performed.

And again there is no guarantee that the nearly worn out clutches will not fail the following week from simple wear. I think at this point I would save the money which you would spend on a flush and continue saving in the anticipation of a transmission replacement (or vehicle replacement ) in the future.

I wont to get my transmission oil and filter change but I dont know if i should get it flush to because of the?
New car dealerships and transmission shops in my area do not recommend complete flushing on any high mileage vehicles. Their reasoning is: During a high pressure flush the torque converter gets flushed as well as the valve body. The sump pan and transmission filter does not get changed! If any dirt particles lodge inside the valve body check balls, springs and passages you're screwed!

It's much safer to just have the sump pan dropped, cleaned and have the transmission filter replaced. I'm not making anything up, that's what I've been told.

However, a low mileage vehicle that doesn't toe anything with clean transmission fluid may be a good candidate for a flush. That's my reasoning.
Unless you have serviced the trans on a regular basis, say every 60k I would strongly advise you to have the service performed at a trans shop- it'll save you the tow bill if it doesn't move afterward. The oil and filter change are not going to remove all the fluid-3 to 4 QT.s will stay in the torque convertor. A flush renews all the fluid. At the mileage your talking about your fluid has clutch material in it, changing the viscosity. New fluid may cause internal bypass leaks in a worn trans. No pressure- no go
should leave it a lone.. with that many miles and it working ok then theres a chance it will not help it any to do it and more of a chance of making it slip or go out ive never had to flush or replace fluid and ive been driving 40 plus yrs and many of my cars have had over that and a few with over 400,000 best advice if its not broke dont fix it
You are faced with an interesting situation. It is possible that changing the fluid and flushing the transmission will cause it to start having problems. I have seen it go both ways and have personally experienced the good side. I would hesitate to recommend flushing it!
i never knew they flushed transmissions .if it works fine i suggest don;t do it. when they remove the oil pan you loose all the reserve in the transmission .that should be replaced with new fluid. but that is all the ';flushing'; i would do.
Avoid the flush. It can sometimes help but more often it dislodges dirt and stuff which end up causing damage to the transmission. You should get the fluid and the filter changed just no flush.

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