Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wher could I find the cheapest place to make a change on oil transmission to a engine oil?

OKok... I messed up BIG TIME!!! and I'm looking for the cheapest place to help me out here, SOoo I put engine oil in the transmission place, and it was leaking like hell, You know why? B'c besides being on the wrong place I over filled it, but I've talked to some friends and I just wanted to know What can I do?Wher could I find the cheapest place to make a change on oil transmission to a engine oil?
drive to the most convenient place. have the fluid drained, and the transmission cleaned with a pumping system to cleanse out the oil (important!) and replace with pure transmission fluid.

Also, it sounds like the transmission is leaking. If there is a leak, have the leak fixed at a shop as soon as possible.

Many, many transmissions have been destroyed because owners did not have leaks repaired... Many!

It only takes one time with the transmission fluid level too low to make a transmission fail. It's much, much cheaper to have a leak fixed than to rebuild or replace the transmission!Wher could I find the cheapest place to make a change on oil transmission to a engine oil?
First, this a world wide site. Where do you live? Second, don't drive any more than you have too. You need a complete transmission flush to get the other oil out before there is some serious damage.
You can take it to a oil change place that does auto transmissions. You most likely have to make an appointment for this. You will also want one that does the power flush refill.

They will open up the lines to the transmission cooler and hook it to a machine. The machine will collect the old oil and replace it with the new oil. Then when the fluid starts coming out looking like new fluid, then you know all the old fluid is out and the new fluid is in.

good luck.
Drain it, put it on level ground, find out how much it holds and fill it up again, it's not rocket surgery.
Hopefully you didn't start the engine without oil in it or you're looking at bigger problems than just leaking oil. The transmission pan needs to be removed and the filter replaced and if you started the engine, it need to be flushed first then drained and refilled%26gt;
Take it to a transmission shop and have them change the transmission oil and filter. It is important that you don't drive the car there, but have it towed instead. If you try to drive it you can do sever mechanical damage to the transmission.

Don't wait, do it now.

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